Co-editors of RANDY @ the Armory Show

by randy

The editors of Randy will participate in a panel discussion this Sunday, March 11!!

Breaking with Homogeneity
Participants: Litia Perta, Malin Arnell, A.K. Burns, Åsa Elzen, Clark Solack, Hanna Wilde
How can we name and use identity categories to promote a more heterogeneous and more equal art scene? Litia Perta, Faculty at the Language and Thinking Program at Bard College, will moderate a conversation with Hanna Wilde, Director of the Swedish headquartered Högkvarteret; as well as Åsa Elzen and Malin Arnell of the Swedish-based Yes! Association; Clark Solack: curator, writer and co-editor of RANDY; A.K. Burns: artist and co-editor of RANDY; to talk about the transatlantic queer and feminist communities that underpin their practices; as well as the stakes, struggles and successes in each instance.

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